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From Paddock To Performance

Jolley Farms Aust specialises in quality hay for the equine market, but our services don't end there! From dairy and beef operations, to cropping, harvesting, fertiliser transport, heavy machinery transport and supplying quality hay varieties and silage, Jolley Farms Aust has a long history of providing a crucial farming and contracting service to many surrounding businesses located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

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How We Began

Grant and Deb Jolley, Managing Directors of Jolley Farms Aust, have had a long history of dairy farming on their prime farming land on the Fleurieu Peninsula, SA. 


Lowering milk prices since 1980 meant that Grant had to expand his services to contracting for neighbouring farms, and this allowed him to expand the existing 150 ha farm to about  910 ha over the years and grow the business and equipment. 

Jolley Farms Aust produces high quality silage for the equine market and dairy cows, and supplies oaten, meadow, lucerne, and wheaten hay bales in varying sizes. Being conscious of treating all their animals humanely, the Jolleys decided to give their calves a quality of life by also producing beef.

Jolley Farms Aust offers their various farming contracting services with many years of experience and with high quality equipment to get the job done.

Contact Grant or Deb via the Contact Us page if you have any queries or would like further information.


Jolley Farms Aust supplies the following hay in varying bale sizes:

• Oaten

• Meadow

• Lucerne

• Wheaten

We also supply silage for dairy cows.

Jolley Farms Aust are my #1 supplier of hay. We travel all around the country competing with my team of eventers and I always bring my own hay from home.


My horses truly thrive on the top quality product we get from Jolley Farms. Delivery is no problem either, we get 20 round bales and two large packs of squares delivered to the Adelaide Hills.


Happy, friendly service which I can't recommend highly enough. Be sure to contact Jolley Farms for all of your hay needs!!


Megan Jones

Silver Medal Olympian

I have dealt with the Jolley family for over 30 years and have always had great service and excellent hay.


I can highly recommend them.

Bevan Roberts



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